Diary of a Suffragette

An extract from ‘Diary of a Suffragette’, the winning entry of the Historical Fiction Competition, by Zahra of L5E
As we arrived at the Houses of Parliament, things started to get a little wild. The idea was to break in, and it had been planned right down to the finest details, but it was like we were wild animals! Stones were being thrown all over the place, windows were being smashed and glass was falling all around us! Fires were being lit, and people were screaming! Women were getting out chains, for the gates of Parliament! I couldn’t believe my eyes, but then Ruth caught sight of me. She was carrying a large sack of stones, and she beckoned me over.
‘Might as well!’ She laughed and threw a stone far ahead of her in a perfect arc. It smashed one of the top windows of a building, bringing the glass panes down with an almighty crash. There was a cheer from the other girls, and I was one of them. Standing in Old Palace Yard, outside the House of Commons, we all grabbed stones and threw them at once; the sound of breaking glass was incredible. We laughed and cheered, and I felt ecstatic! We carried on, a WSPU wrecking ball.
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