Welcome to the History Department’s Blog

Here begins the digital chronicle of the KEHS History Department.

The new academic year brings an exciting innovation, the KEHS History Department blog, through which we hope that our pupils, parents and visitors will be able to follow the Department’s activities.

A ‘History blog’ might seem odd at first glance, especially if you regard History as simply ‘a thing of the past’, an uneasy companion to the ever-evolving webscape of online communication. For this historian, thinking about the ‘blog’ as a genre, it brings to mind medieval chronicles, which operated on many similar principles. They developed from ancient traditions of chronography and recorded events and observations sequentially. To the modern reader their frequently laconic entries often seem disjointed, dull or uninformative. Yet they often drew on, juxtaposed and wove together several different narrative threads, or categories of information. The links between these elements were frequently implicit and relied on the reader’s recognition of the author’s purposes; in this sense, they were not dry records of information but rather relied upon an interactive understanding between chronicler and reader.

In this spirit we launch our KEHS History blog as a way of communicating with and between the wider KEHS community. Of course, compared to blogs, medieval chroniclers’ works evolved very slowly and were constructed for a much narrower audience (at least potentially). We hope to better that!